About Me

I’ve been drawing for most of my life, and painting since I was a teen. I started by drawing animals I saw in nature books, which we had or I got from the library. I then progressed to figures when I started reading and collecting comic books. I thought I’d become a comic book illustrator, but decided against that route when I saw that it’d be more limiting than I wanted.

I love doing figures, but will paint or draw just about anything in which I have an interest. I’ll often incorporate figures into whatever I’m working on. In the 80s, I was more interested in doing fantasy/science fiction-type images. I’ll paint whatever I feel a need to express, or if I get a commission request, if it’s of interest to me.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University in the late 90s. I took a small break from doing any artwork shortly after that. I worked in the semiconductor industry for over 22 years, unrelated to anything creative, where I had been laboring since the very early 80s. In the past few years I went back to school for graphic and web design. I live in Tucson, Arizona in the United States, and am pursuing my design and art career.

— Larry Gomez