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New Art at Raices Taller Gallery and Workshop in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve been doing some abstract non-representational art lately. This direction fits in with the theme of the latest show at Raices Taller Gallery and Workshop show, Creative Solutions. Artists were invited to show work that exemplifies new directions for art and life. So this was a timely show for me, as I’ve been trying out new things in my artwork.

I created two pieces from old canvases that with which I was no longer happy. I often paint over art that has been sitting around for years, and that I’ve lost a connection with. So many of my current pieces have been painted over once or twice. So, if you ever see a piece of mine that you like, better say so and buy it before it gets painted over.

With this direction, I’m more interested in exploring the color, line, shape and feeling of the artwork. This frees me up from the notion of trying to depict something in particular, like a portrait or landscape. It’s all about the elements of design and painting, rather than trying to capture what I see. I’m still capturing the “moment”, it’s just being captured in a more expressing, rather than a realistic, way.

Energetic lines and shapes of colors in pinks, blacks, turquoise, swirling in curved movement. Original is 20 x 24 inches.

By Your Command. Oil on canvas. 2018. Original is 20 x 24 inches.

Energetic lines and shapes of colors in pinks, blacks, turquoise, swirling in curved movement. Original is 14 x 18 inches.

Bitter Ineptitude. Oil on canvas. 2018. Original is 14 x 18 inches.

New Work at The Drawing Studio “Small Wonders” Show

I’m showing these two at the The Drawing Studio’s “Small Wonders” Show this year. It’s always a fun exhibition with art 11 x 14 inches or smaller, priced $200 or below. It’s their annual fundraiser for the Fall, so half the sale goes to TDS.

apple and pear orbiting the earth in color pencil against a black mat board. Original art is 6.375 x 4.75 inches. File resolution is 500 x 365 at 72ppi

Astronomy Concepts 1 – Perigee and Apogee. 2017 6.5×4.75 in. $60. Framed

prismacolor pencil on black mat board showing perihelion pun, pear-i-helion, and aphelion or apple-helion, astronomical concepts. Size is 500 x 365 ppi.

Astronomy Concepts 2 – Perihelion and Aphelion. 2017 6.5×4.75 in. $60. Framed

Pickett Post Mountain in Superior, Arizona

I took a trip to my home town of Superior, Arizona to visit my parents for Christmas in 2016. On the way, I took a snapshot of Pickett Post Mountain as we were driving into town on US Highway 60.  I’ve always enjoyed the geography of the town in which I grew up. There is amazing desert scenery surrounding the little former mining town. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Later on, looking at the photo, I thought it’d make a great subject for a painting.

Here is the beginning sketch of the what I wanted to develop. I have been using old canvases I’m no longer happy with to paint on rather than using a fresh new canvas, so you can see part of the previous image under the drawing.

Below you’ll see the beginnings of paint on the canvas. I painted in the sky area pretty quickly. Then I painted some of the major areas to help define boundaries. I wanted to quickly get a feel of the cracks in the mountain, so put those down. This is the “ugly” stage. Other artists will know this. At this stage, I sometimes feel that I’ve made a mistake and wonder where this will lead. Is it worth pursuing, or should I start over? But then I realize, it’s still early and move on to see where it goes. Then it becomes fun again.

The next step involved putting most of the base color throughout the canvas. This gave me a better idea of what the finished piece might look like. With this I could see the possibilities more clearly. I also get a better idea of what needs to happen with shadows and highlights.

At this stage, the painting has the defining colors and just needs to have the shadows and highlights enhanced. Small details start to take shape. I’ve worked on the mountain, identifying shadows, working on the peaks and crevices. The foreground is still in a rough stage, and will be detailed in the next phase.

I’ve worked on the foreground and the whole piece looks finished. I’ve enhanced the small hills and made the highway more obvious. At this stage, I think it’s done.