Werewolf Sketch for Halloween Season

I drew this werewolf mostly as an exercise in drawing fine detail in graphite. I love the feel of a nice set of graphite pencils of various leads. Like most of my work, it started out as a rough sketch that just presented itself. I call this a werewolf, maybe in transition, but it could also be seen as a wolf-human hybrid, that looks this way all the time. At first, I pictured this as a guy in the process of transforming into a wolf or wolf creature, running home before the change was complete. You know, so as not disturb the neighbors. I haven’t decided.

The image below is how it looks when I scanned it last. I’ve worked on it some more, added detail, more fur, etc. I’ll eventually ink it.

The next image is the initial rough sketch in graphite on newsprint

I scanned the rough sketch and traced it in Photoshop. I chanced it to blue, so I can trace it easier. I then cut the image to reposition the various parts of the body. I turned it clockwise a few degrees, to make it more dynamic, and made the left leg smaller, indicating that it’s behind the other leg.

As I progress, I’ll post more pictures and hopefully, some when it’s done. Not sure when I’ll get back to this, but it should be soon.

The Last Jackalope And Babies Are So Cute Added To Shop

I often show and sell original artwork and prints at science fiction conventions. But with the pandemic, most of those have been postponed or gone virtual only. I sell prints of various sizes, as well as other merchandise, on Fine Art America and Society6. I also have some inventory of prints that I would normally sell at cons. I’ve added prints of The Last Jackalope and Babies Are So Cute to my shop page. The originals were sold at the 2018 WorldCon (World Science Fiction Convention) in San Jose. These prints are 6×8 inch images on watercolor paper that I had a local printer make for me. I will be adding more items for sale in the coming weeks. Go to the Shop page if you’re interested in buying one at this size from my inventory, or larger sizes at the print-on-demand site.

The Last Jackalope
Babies Are So Cute

Bat Cat Doing Some Self Care

Here is the latest batcat drawing. This piece is 9×12 inches on Strathmore watercolor paper. I’ve been doing these batcats for a few years now, and have shown and sold them at Science Fiction conventions. Those were created in color pencil on small pieces of scrap black mat board, and use the black for most of the image. This is the first one that is done in a different medium. I had posted this on my social media pages, when it was just the batcat, with no background. It now has one, which is based on the front porch of my house. I like it, but I’m not sure if it fits with this image.

I chose this paper because I was planning on coloring the final image with watercolor. It would be penciled, then inked and finally painted. I may leave it as it is now. I haven’t decided. I’ve done a rough digital color study, just to get an idea of what colors to use. Another option I’m considering is to create a new background and print it up using that, or have multiple backgrounds to choose from. There is also a version of this with the background removed, for use as more of a design.