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Werewolf Sketch for Halloween Season

I drew this werewolf mostly as an exercise in drawing fine detail in graphite. I love the feel of a nice set of graphite pencils of various leads. Like most of my work, it started out as a rough sketch that just presented itself. I call this a werewolf, maybe in transition, but it could also be seen as a wolf-human hybrid, that looks this way all the time. At first, I pictured this as a guy in the process of transforming into a wolf or wolf creature, running home before the change was complete. You know, so as not disturb the neighbors. I haven’t decided.

The image below is how it looks when I scanned it last. I’ve worked on it some more, added detail, more fur, etc. I’ll eventually ink it.

The next image is the initial rough sketch in graphite on newsprint

I scanned the rough sketch and traced it in Photoshop. I chanced it to blue, so I can trace it easier. I then cut the image to reposition the various parts of the body. I turned it clockwise a few degrees, to make it more dynamic, and made the left leg smaller, indicating that it’s behind the other leg.

As I progress, I’ll post more pictures and hopefully, some when it’s done. Not sure when I’ll get back to this, but it should be soon.